What's Tritium?


Tritium is a remarkable material, not only is it in the Top 10 most expensive materials at $30,000 per gram, it has unique glow capabilities which can be harnessed for long-lasting glow technology. For example, it's used in high-end watch faces and camping equipment.


The reason why it's so special is that it can be used to make things glow continuously for years without any need for exposure to light or any other form of energy. This is because Tritium gas is radioactive and as it decays, becoming a Tralphium (3He) stable isotope, it releases beta particles which, when in contact with phosphor-containing material, create light. There are few materials that act like this, and the ones that do are mostly dangerously radioactive or extremely expensive (this is what makes up the core price of our products).


Do not fear however, the beta particles that Tritium produces are non-harmful, they can't pass through paper, let alone human skin or dual-layered glass tubing we conceal it in. It's only a hazard if it's somehow ingested (please don't try eating it).


Our Tritium pendants won't fade quickly like the regular glow material you find everywhere, you'll always see it glow unless you're somewhere bright. You'll be walking into a dim room and all of a sudden your necklace is glowing. Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years, meaning after 12.3 years the pendant will glow half as bright, and after 24.6 years will glow a quarter as bright.